Sentence Examples with the word malaria

The cinchona alkaloids have a specifically poisonous effect on the parasites of malaria when present in human blood, and are poisonous to all low organisms.

Similarly, the subsidence of malaria during cold weather and its seasonal prevalence find an adequate explanation in the conditions governing insect life.

The climate is now less healthy than it was, severe epidemics of malarial fever having frequently occurred, so that malaria now appears to be endemic among the non-European population.

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When they fell into desuetude, malaria gained the upper hand, the lack of drainage providing breeding-places for the malarial mosquito.

The species best known in connexion with malaria are A.

Much is done in contending against malaria by the Italian Red Cross Society.

In the tropical yungas the ground is covered with decaying vegetation, and malaria and fevers are common.

The discovery of the parasite of malaria by Laveran, and of the method by which it gains entrance to the human body, through the bite of a particular variety of mosquito, by Manson and Ross, promises much in the way of eradication of the disease in the future.

By living in protected houses and wearing gloves and veils at night all the staff escaped malaria except one or two attendants.

In the denser jungles malaria prevails for months after the cessation of the rains, but the Gonds do not appear to suffer much from its effects.