Sentence Examples with the word malady

In Fors, which was continued month by month for seven years, Ruskin poured out his thoughts, proposals and rebukes on society and persons with inexhaustible fancy, wit, eloquence and freedom, until he was attacked with a violent brain malady in the spring of 1878 (aet.

The malady was of an obscure character, but its cause has been under investigation by the British Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, and by European bacteriologists in 1908.

Countess Helene Bezukhova had suddenly died of that terrible malady it had been so agreeable to mention.

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Of writing a letter or a report on a particular subject with a particular object in view, of translating from or into a foreign language, of solving a mathematical problem, of criticizing a passage from a literary work, of writing an essay on an historical or literary subject with the aid of books in a library, of diagnosing the malady of a patient, of analysing a chemical mixture or compound; and (the highest form under the rubric) of making an original contribution to learning or science as the result of personal investigation or experiment.

Like cures like; and for this hunt, my malady becomes my most desired health.

The malady causing the greatest number of deaths is that of pulmonary consumption; but better housing accommodation has of late years reduced the mortality from this disease very considerably.

The mysterious malady continued, and Disraeli set out with William Meredith, who was to have married Sarah Disraeli, for Travel.

The only mode of combating the malady seems to be to uproot the plants and burn them.

The original malady being thus got rid of, the vital force would easily be able to cope with and extinguish the slighter disturbance caused by the remedy.

Pasteur brought out the fact that the malady had existed from remote periods and in many unsuspected localities.