Sentence Examples with the word make up

These spaces make up the apparent body-cavity, the ta, Stomach of common crab, true body-cavity or coelom having Cancer pagurus, laid open, been, for the most part, obliter showing b, b, b, some of the ated by the great expansion of calcareous plates inserted in the blood-containing spaces.

Two main elements went to make up the Megarian doctrine.

The Coal Measures, forming the third great member of the Carboniferous series, consist of alternations of shales and sandstones, with beds of coal and nodular ironstones, which together make up a thickness of many thousands of feet - from 12,000 to 14,000 ft.

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Her love for Kiartan the poet, and his career abroad, his betrayal by his friend Bolli, the sad death of Kiartan at his hands, the revenge taken for him on Bolli, whose slayers are themselves afterwards put to death, and the end of Gudrun, who becomes an anchorite after her stormy life, make up the pith of the story.

Speaking in the most comprehensive way, and making an exception of the ethereal medium (see Aether), which, being capable of experimental study, is not included in the subject of astronomy, we may say that the great masses of matter which make up the universe are of two kinds: - (t) incandescent bodies, made visible to us by their own light; (2) dark bodies, revolving round them or round each other.

The light stopped by the opaque parts of the grating, together with that distributed in the central image and lateral spectra, ought to make up the brightness that would be found in the central image, were all the apertures transparent.

At least the coniferous forests which make up nine-tenths of California's woodland surpass all others known in number of species and in the size and beauty of the trees.

They drew lots to settle who should make up her set.

From Light came Heat and Fluidity; these three together with Space make up the elements out of which all things are constructed.

The only consonants are k,1, m, n and p, which with the gently aspirated h, the five vowels, and the vocalic w, make up all the letters in use.