Sentence Examples with the word make sure

With a quick glance to make sure none of his father's men paid him any heed, Taran stole away to the far side of the beach, trailing the barbarian youth.

The hope is that the Original Being will oversee the transition and make sure none of the immortal entities interfere.

Warm him some chicken soup and make sure he drinks plenty of water.

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She glanced back to make sure she wasn't being observed.

Her intention was to stay there to make sure he did not go out to hunt.

One way to do that is to make sure they don't have all the facts.

He's even got himself a lawyer to make sure he's getting a good deal.

With the chores completed, she checked to make sure her phone was on and grabbed the list she had prepared.

Jonathan and I will make sure we fill her in on anything she missed.

Stopping her seemed not to enter Dean's mind as she placed a chair in the middle of the room, looking up to make sure it was directly beneath the hanging brass fixture.