Sentence Examples with the word make sense

Light filtered in from somewhere, and Rhyn tried to make sense of his surroundings.

He held his face in his hands, rubbing his eyes, trying to make sense of something that defied all logic.

It didn't make sense that there was, especially after he'd admitted to having someone else on the side.

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She couldn't cure whatever it was, and she couldn't make sense of it.

Dean's mind churned the details of the recent happenings, trying to make sense of Shipton's orchestrated plunge to the river, and the strange reactions of those still sleeping beneath Bird Song's roof, and elsewhere.

Jenn struggled to keep up, to breathe, to make sense of the world around her.

I could never make sense of them, but they had to do with being chased by monsters.

Eyes blurred with tears and bewildered, she couldn't make sense of anything around her anymore.

In this story the names make sense in Iranian, the tribes are not again mentioned except when this passage is copied, the objects are hardly such as would be held sacred by nomads, the form of ordeal is to be paralleled in Iranian legends, and the people say themselves that they are not really Scythae.