Sentence Examples with the word make for

For the acid Bessemer process the sulphur-content must be small and the silicon-content should be constant; for the basic openhearth process the content of both silicon and sulphur should be small, a thing difficult to bring about, because in the blast furnace most of the conditions which make for small sulphur-content make also for large silicon-content.

The things which make for our ultimate welfare are the things we call morally good.

A similar plot and rebellion took place in the province of Pernambuco, where the inhabitants of the important commercial city of Recife (Pernambuco) were jealous of Rio and the sacrifices they were compelled to make for the support of the luxurious court there.

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We want to see whether we cannot make for the agricultural labourer some better hope than the workhouse in his old age.

When disturbed they make for the water, in which they swim and dive with expertness, often remaining below the surface for several minutes.

But the midlands, the west, and the south of England, in spite of an absence of great elevation, contain no plains of such extent as might make for monotony.

It would make for an aggravating experience, if Tim was serious about assigning him to manage the battlefield from afar.

He and Darian would make for a thrilling match, she noted.

The mode of hunting with the Devon and Somerset hounds is briefly this: the whereabouts of a warrantable stag is communicated to the master by that important functionary the harbourer; two couple of steady hounds called tufters are then thrown into cover, and, having singled out a warrantable deer, follow him until he is forced to make for the open, when the body of the pack are laid on.

Will make for a great Bella and the Beast photo.