Sentence Examples with the word make

Bordeaux pushed to his feet and moved away from her, careful not to make any sudden movements that might be misinterpreted.

That cannot make them look any uglier, I'm sure, and it is my opinion they will soon renew the attack.

The player who declares to make most has to try to make them, and the others, but without consultation, to prevent him.

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On the other hand, William of Malmesbury prefers to read Heruligena, which would make Scotus a Pannonian, while Bale says he was born at St David's, Dempster connects him with Ayr, and Gale with Eriuven in Hereford.

Mingled clay and boulders which have been so much compressed by glacial action as to make the mixture hard and ledge-like.

And he argued that to make himself a fit habitation for the divine a man must, besides holding the Catholic faith and doing works of love, renounce marriage and earthly honour, and practise a hard asceticism.

The Spaniards, with monstrous fatuity, refused to make use of the superb waterways provided by the Parana and Paraguay, and endeavoured to stifle all trade.

The various agricultural products, cattle and mules, cheese, wines and spirits, silk cocoons and gypsum make up the bulk of the exports.

The intention was to make American Methodism a facsimile of that in England, subject to Wesley and the British Conference-a society and not a Church.

The conception of the standard of life involves also some estimate of the efforts and sacrifices people are prepared to make to obtain it; of their ideals and character; of the relative strength of the different motives which usually determine their conduct.