Sentence Examples with the word major

In 1894 the British flag was hoisted at Wadelai, on both banks of the Nile, by Major E.

Winston was founded in 1851 as the countyseat and was named in honour of Major Joseph Winston (1746-1815), a famous Indian fighter, a soldier during the War of Independence and a representative in Congress in1793-1795and 1803-1807.

I help them with marketing, which was my major until I quit school.

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The proper share of each in bringing about this memorable result is not easy to apportion, since they freely imparted and profited by one another's advances and improvements; it need only be said that the fundamental proposition of the invariability of the planetary major axes laid down with restrictions by Laplace in 1773, was finally established by Lagrange in 1776; while Laplace in 1784 proved the subsistence of such a relation between the eccentricities of the planetary orbits on the one hand, and their inclinations on the other, that an increase of either element could, in any single case, proceed only to a very small extent.

We will explain the major provisions of the legislation and attempt to demystify accompanying jargon often used by privacy professionals.

The soldiers in their greatcoats were ranged in lines, the sergeants major and company officers were counting the men, poking the last man in each section in the ribs and telling him to hold his hand up.

He identified several major flaws in her defense, struck them multiple times to confirm, and caught her wrist to stop her.

A major success helped raise our spirits.

He was much more cordial now that he was immersed in what amounted to a major man hunt.

This last-named building was erected in 1879 to replace the old and famous grammar school, where John Knox, William Dunbar, John Major and possibly George Buchanan and Sir David Lindsay were educated.