Sentence Examples with the word maitland

His principal antagonist was John Knox; there were several tussles between them, the most famous, perhaps, being the one in the general assembly of 1564, and on the whole Maitland held his own against the preachers.

This Historie was published by the Wodrow Society and by the Maitland Club in 1842.

Under the protection of the hill-fort, a native settlement was established on the ridge running down to the valley at the foot of Salisbury Crags, and another hamlet, according to William Maitland (1693-1757), the earliest historian of Edinburgh, was founded in the area at the northwestern base of the rock, a district that afterwards became the parish of St Cuthbert, the oldest in the city.

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Parramatta, Richmond and Windsor had indeed been founded within the first decade of the colony's existence; Newcastle, Maitland and Morpeth, near the coast to the north of Sydney, had been begun during the earlier years of the 19th century; but the towns of the interior, Goulburn, Bathurst and others, were not commenced till about 1835, in which year the site of Melbourne was first occupied by Batman and Fawkner.

See P. Vinogradoff's article on Maitland in the English Historical Review (1907); Sir F.

In 1554 she took into her service William Maitland of Lethington, who as secretary of state gained very great influence over her.

In 1820 he was appointed by Sir Peregrine Maitland a member of the legislative council in order that the governor might have a confidential medium through whom to make communication to the council.

His counsellor, Las Cases, strongly urged that step and made overtures to Captain Maitland of H.M.S.

The text is preserved in the Maitland folio MS. in the Pepysian library, Cambridge.

Her half-brother, Lord James Stuart, shared the duties of her chief counsellor with William Maitland of Lethington, the keenest and most liberal thinker in the country.