Sentence Examples with the word main street

Dean left Bird Song on foot, passing up the temptation to drive his Jeep the short distance to the Main Street delicatessen.

The city has five gates, and from one of them, called Bala Khiaban gate (upper Khiaban), the main street (Khiaban), 25 yds.

But this control does not meet the problem of actually lessening the number of vehicles in the main arteries of traffic. At such crossings as that of the Strand and Wellington Street, Ludgate Circus and south of the Thames, the Elephant and Castle, as also in the narrow streets of the City, congestion is often exceedingly severe, and is aggravated when any main street is under repair, and diversion of traffic through narrow side streets becomes necessary.

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For working quarters we secured a thirty year old building, recently vacated, on the beautiful main street of Keene.

Behind the market square and the main street lie a labyrinth of narrow streets interconnected by covered courtyards and alleys, with extensive warehouses and cellars.

As Dean rolled his Jeep down the main street of Ouray, he caught sight of a familiar figure with a rounded haircut.

The town walls, which can still be traced and indeed are partly standing, had a circuit of not more than 2 m., and the main street was less than half a mile in length; but remains of buildings on the road for fully a mile beyond the south gate, show that the town had outgrown the limit of its fortifications.

The night had cooled but it remained winter-pleasant as Dean sauntered into a Main Street bar.

There may be seen the native dances and break-neck horse-racesthe riders bareback - through the main street of the village.

They were driving on Main Street when they spotted Fred O'Connor sauntering down from the courthouse chatting with two ladies who looked enthralled by his company.