Sentence Examples with the word main road

They were lined up as far as the eye could see on the Apian Way, the main road through Rome, as a warning to other slaves who might consider rebellion.

The neighbors couldn't see into any of their windows, and they were far enough off the main road that the only traffic would be people coming to see them.

The main road system, which dates from 1828, previous to which there were only tracks, is good, and the roads well engineered; many of them are traversed daily by post vehicles.

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The ground between the hills and the marshy valley of the Danube forms a defile through which the main road from DonauwOrth led to Ulm; parallel streams divide the narrow plain into strips.

And Guard corps followed the main road towards Konigsberg, and the former had reached Miihlhausen, the remainder were about Preussisch-Eylau, when Latour Maubourg's dragoons sent in intelligence which pointed to the presence of Bennigsen about Friedland.

Towards evening he told his men to ride home by the main road while he went by another way that was somewhat longer.

A portion of the main road leading from the Dipylon to the Agora was discovered.

This embraced portions of South Leith parish (landward) and of Duddingston parish, including the village of Restalrig and the ground lying on both sides of the main road from Edinburgh to Portobello; and also part of Cramond parish, in which is contained the village and harbour of Granton.

Thus Rosecrans was confined to a semicircle of low ground around Chattanooga itself, and his supplies had to make a long and difficult detour from Bridgeport, the main road being under fire from the Confederate position on Lookout and in the Wauhatchie valley adjacent.

TRACHIS, a city of ancient Greece, situated at the head of the Malian Gulf in a small plain between the rivers Asopus and Melas, and enclosed by the mountain wall of Oeta which here extended close to the sea and by means of the Trachinian Cliffs completely commanded the main road from Thessaly.