Sentence Examples with the word mail

He was interested in extending the parcel post, and worked for the promotion of aerial mail service.

Each of the larger islands has one or more ports which a local steamboat serves regularly, and Honolulu has the regular service of seven trans-Pacific lines (the American-Hawaiian Steamship Co., the Canadian-Australian Steamship Co., the Matson Navigation Co., the Oceanic Steamship Co., the Pacific Mail Steamship Co., the Mexican Oriental and the Toyo Kisen Kaisha); it is a midway station for vessels between the United States (mainland) and Australia and Southern Asia.

On the southern side the ports of San Jose, Champerico and Ocos are visited by the Pacific mail steamers, by the vessels of a Hamburg company and by those of the South American (Chilean) and the Pacific Steam Navigation Companies.

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A steam railway ferry connects it with the island railway on Riigen, and so with Sassnitz, whence a regular steamboat mail service affords communication with Trelleborg in Sweden.

There are well-kept high-roads connecting all the towns,and a government service of mail carts to places not on the railway.

By the Union-Castle boats there is a weekly mail service to England.

It is clear from literary evidence that the helmet (helm) and coat of chain mail (byrne) were also in common use.

In the United Kingdom, as in Europe generally, the vehicles used on passenger trains include firstclass carriages, second-class carriages, third-class carriages, composite carriages containing compartments for two or more classes of passengers, dining or restaurant carriages, sleeping carriages, mail carriages or travelling post offices, luggage brake vans, horse-boxes and carriage-trucks.

There is a monthly mail to and from England, the passage occupying about four weeks.

The pile of mail she left on her desk was still there, the living room neat and quiet.