Sentence Examples with the word maguey

The soil, both in the valley and on the neighbouring mountain-sides, is very fertile, and produces rice, vegetables, Indian corn, indigo, cotton, tobacco, maguey and sugar-cane.

The most familiar species is Agave americana (see fig.), a native of tropical America, the so-called century plant or American aloe (the maguey of Mexico).

Nipa, made from the fibre of the agave or maguey plant and worn by women, is less common.

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The town has large groves of coco-nut trees, and its principal industries are the cultivation of Indian corn and maguey and fishing.

A characteristic growth of the open plateau and upland valleys is the cabulla, cabaya or maguey (Agave americana), whose fibre is much used by the natives in the manufacture of cordage, sandals (alpargatas) and other useful articles.