Sentence Examples with the word magnum

The os magnum 1, lunar; sc, scaphoid; u, unciform; of the carpus articulates freely m, magnum; td, trapezoid; tm, with the scaphoid.

When ' 1650 came, as if to prepare the way for the reception of his magnum opus, he allowed the publication of his earliest treatise, divided into two separate small volumes (Human Nature, or the Fundamental, Elements of Policy, E.W.

Macrotherium magnum must have been an animal of about 9 ft.

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His magnum opus was T Wonder Boeck (n.d.

On the other hand in the Diplarthra, the tcl group to which the vast majority of modern Ungulates A i n belong, the second or lower row has been shifted altogether towards the inner side of the limb, so that the magnum is brought considerably into relation with the scaphoid, and is entirely removed from the cuneiform, as in most existing mammals.

Much of Cudworth's work still remains in manuscript; A Treatise concerning eternal and immutable Morality was published in 1731; and A Treatise of Freewill, edited by John Allen, in 1838; both are connected with the design of his magnum opus, the Intellectual System.

A similar translation of Ecclesiastes, followed by treatises on the Karaites, on the Essenes and on the Kabbala, kept the author prominently before biblical students while he was preparing the first sections of his magnum opus, the critical study of the Massorah.

G.) The magnum opus in English on Turkish poetry is E.

The Eocene beds are nummulitic. There is a lacustrine group which has usually been placed in the Lower Eocene, but the discovery of Anthracotherium magnum in the interbedded lignites proves it to be Oligocene, in part at least.

In addition to other treatises on theological subjects, Frohschammer was also the author of Monaden and Weltphantasie and Ober die Bedeutung der Einbildungskraft in der Philosophic Kants and Spinozas (1879); Uber die Principien der Aristotelischen Philosophic and die Bedeutung der Phantasie in derselben (1881); Die Philosophic als Idealwissenschaft and System (1884); Die Philosophic des Thomas von Aquino kritisch gewiirdigt (1889); Ober das Mysterium Magnum des Daseins (1891); System der Philosophic im Umriss, pt.