Sentence Examples with the word magnifico

The Strozzi palace in Florence and the Palazzo del Magnifico at Siena have fine specimens of these - the former of wrought iron, the latter in cast bronze.

Ippolito was styled the Magnifico and destined to be ruler of the republic, but Cardinal Passerini's regency proved most unpopular, and the city was soon seething with discontent.

The pope addresses it, carissimo in Christo filio Johanni, illustro et magnifico indorum regi (Hovedon's copy here inserts sacerdoti sanctissimo).

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He also edited the works of Berni, and collected Tutti i trionfi, larri, mascherate, e canti carnascialaschi, andati per Firenze dal tempo del magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici fino all' anno 1559.