Sentence Examples with the word magnification

There still remains a slight chromatic difference in magnification, for although the magnification consequent upon the fulfilment of the sine-condition is the same for all zones for one colour, it is impossible to avoid a change of the magnification with the colour.

By making very thin sections and employing high magnification (1000-1200 diameters), Renault has been enabled to detect numerous forms of bacilli in the woody parts preserved in coal, one of which, Micrococcus carbo, bears a strong resemblance to the living Cladothrix found in trees buried in peat bogs.

To obtain the magnification of the complete microscope we must combine the objective magnification M with the action of the eyepiece.

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As powerful achromatic objectives show differences of chromatic magnification in the same way as apochromats, compensation eyepieces can be used in combination with these objectives.

The magnification is too small to show the zebra striping of the pearlite.

Since, however, the difference of chromatic magnification cannot be overcome in powerful objectives, this error is still further increased by the eyepiece.

The more distant this is from the pendulum the greater is the magnification of the angular movements of the mirror.

If the magnification be greater than the resolving power demands, the observation is not only needlessly made more difficult, but the entrance pupil is diminished, and with it a very considerable decrease of clearness, for with an objective of a certain aperture the size of the exit pupil depends upon the magnification.

Function of the aperture and the magnification, it can be increased by diminishing the entrance pupil, the magnification remaining unchanged.

With the magnification N4.