Sentence Examples with the word magnétisme

Fleming, Magnets and Electric Currents (London, 1898); C. Maurain, Le magnetisme du fer (Paris, 1899; a lucid summary of the principal facts and laws, with special regard to their practical application); Rapports presentes au Congrks international de physique, vol.

He was a prolific writer, his books including Traite d'electricite et du magndtisme (1834-1840), Traite de physique dans ses rapports avec la chimie (1842), Elements de l'electro-chimie (1843), Traite complet du magnetisme (1845), Elements de physique terrestre et de meteorologic (1847), and Des climats et de l'influence qu'exercent les sols boises et Moises (1853).

In the last year of his life he became acquainted with Mesmer, and published a Lettre sur le magnetisme animal.