Sentence Examples with the word magician

And it is also probable that certain persons combined in their own individuality the functions of magician and sacrificer as well as soothsayer.

The Magician looked like a sweet, innocent Natural, one of the humans with extraordinary gifts who could be brought into the Guardians' organization.

He was a magician who had been converted by Philip and baptized; he desired to obtain the power of conferring the Spirit, and offered Peter money for this purpose, but was indignantly repulsed.

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I'm not called the Magician for no reason.

He could keep an eye on both the Other and the Magician better.

A Natural with the ability to soak up energy and redirect it, the red-haired Magician was channeling everything she pulled from the Others to him.

The Indian yogi fasts till he sees face to face all the gods of his Pantheon; the Indian magician fasts twelve days before producing rain or working any cure.

The Magician smashed her heel into his instep.

Shortly after (376), the elder Theodosius was put to death by order of Valens, probably through fear lest he should be the Theodosius or Theodore whom a magician had indicated as the future emperor.

The Magician piled her coat on top of her table with shaking hands and walked toward the hallway where the restrooms were.