Sentence Examples with the word magic

His views on the connexion between magic and mythology are explained in 19.133 and 17.305; those on folklore are described in 10.601.

Her healing magic zapped him hard enough almost to right his head.

It mingled with the magic of the monument, and she threw it upward, towards the sky.

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Even where a piece of sympathetic magic appears to promise definite results, or when a departmental god is recognized, there would seem to be room left for a more or less indefinite expectancy.

Somehow, they lessened her pain again, as if the strange figure before her wrapped them in magic before placing them in her head.

We moved our magic source into this world in anticipation of your actions.

As in India, after the expulsion of Buddhism, the degrading worship of Siva and his dusky bride had been incorporated into Hinduism from the savage devil worship of Aryan and of non-Aryan tribes, so, as pure Buddhism died away in the north, the Tantra system, a mixture of magic and witchcraft and sorcery, was incorporated into the corrupted Buddhism.

This magic bond was too strong for him until Ragnarok (Judgment Day), when he escaped and swallowed Odin and was in turn slain by Vidar, the latter's son.

As a mathematician he devised various elaborate magic squares and novel magic circles, of which he speaks apologetically, because they are of no practical use.

Her grip on his hand tightened, while she loosened her grip on the foreign magic in her body.