Sentence Examples with the word magazine

He started a magazine in his own name, for which he secured the assistance of many literary men of reputation and authority, but which was mainly sustained by his own intellectual activity.

Nearly all of his books were first given to the public in the form of lectures or magazine articles, revised and collected under a general title, such as Myths and Myth-Makers (1872), Darwinism and Other Essays (1879), Excursions of an Evolutionist (1883), and A Century of Science (1899).

She was lounging on the bed reading a magazine when someone knocked on the door.

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First in order of date among the current monthly magazines comes the New York Harper's New Monthly Magazine (I 850),the earliest existing illustrated American serial, then the Boston Atlantic Monthly (1857), with which was incorporated the Galaxy (1866) in 1878, famous for its editors Lowell, Howells and T.

Contemporary magazines are the Canadian Magazine (1893), the Westminster, both produced at Toronto, La Nouvelle-France (Quebec), the Canada Monthly (London, Ontario), and the University Magazine, edited by Professor Macphail, of the McGill University.

An Anarchy Magazine issue might be the best place to start.

The Bee, or Universal Weekly Pamphlet (1733-1735) of the unfortunate Eustace Budgell, and the Literary Magazine (1735-1736), with which Ephraim Chambers had much to do, were short-lived.

Among other authors may be noticed Henry James, sen., in Literary Remains; Prof. Masson, Carlyle, Personally and in his Writings; Conway, Thomas Carlyle; Larkin, The Open Secret of Carlyle's Life; Mrs Oliphant in Macmillan's Magazine for April 1881; G.

I invented a tale on the fly about writing a magazine article about some of the more humorous entries.

Malta had a Malta Penny Magazine in 1839-1841, and the Revue historique et litteraire was founded in Mauritius in 1887.