Sentence Examples with the word madonna

It was the birthplace of the painter Giorgio Barbarelli (Il Giorgione, 1477-1512), and the cathedral contains one of his finest works, the Madonna with SS.

In the 13th century we find Guido (da Siena), painter of the wellknown Madonna in the church of S Domenico in Siena.

The beautiful church of the Madonna di S.

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Above Locarno is the romantically situated sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso (now rendered easily accessible by a funicular railway) that commands a glorious view over the lake and the surrounding country.

A beautiful Madonna by the latter (1497) is in a small street shrine at the corner of the Via S.

In his hours of recreation he climbed the hills or traced the Sorgues from its fountain under those tall limestone cliffs, while odes and sonnets to Madonna Laura were committed from his memory to paper.

In the cliffs opposite the town on the south is the rock-cut church of the Madonna del Parto, developed, no doubt, out of an Etruscan tomb, of which there are many here; and close by is a rock-hewn amphitheatre of the Roman period, with axes of 55 and 44 yds., now most picturesque.

Verrius Flaccus in the forum of Praeneste (the reference being to the forum of the imperial period, at the Madonna dell' Aquila), was discovered in the ruins of the church of S.

The Madonna is here depicted with various saints, the archangel Michael and St Maurice holding her mantle, which is extended over the kneeling Gianfrancesco Gonzaga, amid a profusion of rich festooning and other accessory.

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