Sentence Examples with the word madness

So long as it stands erect, its possessor is well, but if it falls from its position the misfortunes of ill-health and madness at once assail him.

Her strength was quickly ebbing, her madness near.

He not only did not renounce them subsequently, but when he was in doubt or inwardly at variance, he referred to the views he had held at this time of his madness and they always proved correct.

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And as the motive power of this formidable mechanism of force they could rely on the native suspiciousness of the Parisian populace, exaggerated now into madness by famine and the menace of foreign invasion.

This document, in every line of which madness is legible, convinced most thinking people that Eric was unfit to reign.

Among them were four beys, one of whom, driven to madness by Mehemet Alls mockery, asked for a drink of water; his hands were untied that he might take the bottle, but he snatched a dagger from one of the soldiers, rushed at the pasha, and fell covered with wounds.

He had declared some time before that it would be an act of madness for him to take this post; but the sense of public duty led him to accept it when it was pressed upon him by the king.

Orestes appears also as a central figure in various legends connected with his madness and purification, both in Greece and Asia.

It's the same madness that runs in my blood.

On his proving unfaithful, the Great Mother slays the nymph with whom he has sinned, whereupon in madness he mutilates himself as a penalty.