Sentence Examples with the word madman

I will not believe that even the madman Arnie could have done something like this.

Yeah, he's been pacing like a madman for a couple of hours.

He is foolish as the madman who pulls down the roof-tree of his house upon himself.

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To Metternich he was a madman to be humoured.

Darkyn followed Jade as the madman hauled his two prisoners toward the portal to the shadow world.

After watching the madman named Arnie last night, he knew better than to assume anything about the deceptively quiet Peak.

He is an unfortunate madman who did not know what he was doing.

I think you're the only one who knows how to fix anything that madman breaks.

To remove a madman by force was the one remaining expedient; and this was successfully accomplished by a conspiracy of officers of the western army, headed by Adlersparre, the Anckarsvards, and Adlercreutz, who marched rapidly from Skane to Stockholm.

The violent polemics aroused against him at this time caused a madman to attack him with a revolver, and he died from the wound, on the 17th of March 1893.