Sentence Examples with the word macleod

After wandering for some time he was surrendered by Macleod of Assynt, to whose protection, in ignorance of Macleod's political enmity, he had entrusted himself.

In 1860 Macleod was appointed editor of the new monthly magazine Good Words.

See Memoir of Norman Macleod, by his brother, Donald Macleod (1876).

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NORMAN MACLEOD (1812-1872), Scottish divine, son of Rev. Norman Macleod (1783-1862), and grandson of Rev. Norman Macleod, minister of Morven, Argyllshire, was born at Campbeltown on the 3rd of June 1812.

There the more liberal theology rapidly made way among a people who judged it more by its fruits than its arguments, and Macleod won many adherents by his practical schemes for the social improvement of the people.

In it Macleod of Skye, towards the end of the r6th century, ordered 200 Macdonalds, inhabitants of the isle - men, women and children - to be suffocated, their bones being found long afterwards.