Sentence Examples with the word mackintosh

Already a privy councillor, Mackintosh was appointed commissioner for the affairs of India under the Whig administration of 1830.

By his Analysis of the Mind and' his Fragment on Mackintosh Mill acquired a position in the history of psychology and ethics.

In 1715 William Mackintosh of Borlum (1662-1743) and his force of Jacobite Highlanders captured the Citadel, of which only the name of Citadel Street and the archway in Couper Street have preserved the memory.

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Eventually Mackintosh obtained a grant of ioo a year for him in 1824 during the lifetime of George IV., as one of the royal associates of the Society of Literature, and at different times he received help principally from Stuart, the publisher, Poole, Sotheby, Sir George Beaumont, Byron and Wordsworth, while his children shared Southey's home at Keswick.

In cases where no bath is available a large mackintosh sheet may be spread upon the bed under the patient, the sides and top may be raised by pillows, and cold water may be applied to the surface of the body with large sponges.

Sir James Mackintosh (Miscell.

SIR JAMES MACKINTOSH (1765-1832), Scottish publicist, was born at Aldourie, 7 m.

In their anxiety to get back to the Cape Evans party, Mackintosh and Hayward attempted the journey on the sea-ice on May 8, but the ice was not strong enough and they were lost.

The mackintosh sheet forms a shallow bath, and the water may afterwards be run off from it at the lower end of the bed.

After visiting the chief medical schools on the continent, he returned to Ireland in 1788; but the sudden death of his elder brother, Christopher Temple Emmet (1761-1788), a barrister of some distinction, induced him to follow the advice of Sir James Mackintosh to forsake medicine for the law as a profession.