Sentence Examples with the word machiavelli

In 150o Machiavelli travelled into France, to deal with Louis XII.

In retirement at his villa near Percussina, a hamlet of San Casciano, Machiavelli completed the Principe before the end of 1513.

That Machiavelli separated the actual Cesare Borgia, whom he afterwards saw, ruined and contemptible, at Rome, from this radiant creature of his political fancy, is probable.

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From the stores of valuable materials contained in those ten volumes, it will be enough here to cite (1) the Ricordi politici, already noticed, consisting of about 400 aphorisms on political and social topics; (2) the observations on Machiavelli's Discorsi, which bring into remarkable relief the views of Italy's two great theorists on statecraft in the 16th century, and show that Guicciardini regarded Machiavelli somewhat as an amiable visionary or political enthusiast; (3) the Storia Fiorentina, an early work of the author, distinguished by its animation of style, brilliancy of portraiture, and liberality of judgment; and (4) the Dialogo del reggimento di Firenze, also in all probability an early work, in which the various forms of government suited to an Italian commonwealth are discussed with infinite subtlety, contrasted, and illustrated from the vicissitudes of Florence up to the year 1 494.

Meanwhile Italy had been the scene of memorable events, in most of which Machiavelli took some part.

After another visit to Guicciardini in the spring of 1527, Machiavelli was sent by him to Civita Vecchia.

G g measure which he took was the institution of a national militia at the suggestion of Niccolo Machiavelli (105).

That Machiavelli invented it to express the irritation of his own domestic life is a myth without foundation.

The nove della militia were, however, dissolved; and on the 7th of November 1512 Machiavelli was deprived of his appointments.

Then Machiavelli turned his thoughts towards Lorenzo, duke of Urbino.