Sentence Examples with the word machete

He knelt beside the Ancient and set the machete on top of the sarcophagus.

Picking up the machete and book, she left the shed and started for the woods.

She brought the machete down with a dull thud, anchoring the blade in the log.

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Marking the trees with the machete would work, but it would permanently damage the trees.

In one smooth movement he jerked the machete from the log and chopped the twine in two.

The machete had sliced through his collarbone, and blood spurted from the wound into the courtyard.s grass.

He snatched up his machete and crossed to the bed to grab and sling Iliana over his shoulder.

Jade had freed himself during his thrashing and launched out of the door, machete in hand as he flung himself on Kris.

The machete felt heavy in her sweating palm.

Rhyn lowered his machete and held his hand out.