Sentence Examples with the word maceration

In preparing anti-bacterial sera the lines of procedure correspond to those followed in the case of antitoxins, but the bacteria themselves in the living or dead condition or their maceration products are always used in the injections.

It shows the greatest quantity of juice that may be expressed from canes, according to the different proportions of fibre they contain, but without employing maceration or imbibition, to which processes reference is made hereafter.

Some bitters are prepared by simple maceration and subsequent filtration (see Liqueurs), others by the more complicated distillation process.

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The second operation is the coagulation of the albumen, and the separation of it with other impurities from the Maceration or Imbibition.

The seeds must be from ripe fruit, and if fresh gathered should be freed from pulp by maceration in water.

He fasted and scourged himself; he practised all the ordinary forms of maceration and invented new ones, all to no purpose.

P. Moldenhawer isolated cells by maceration of tissues in water.

The maceration of the soft parts of a scorpion preserved in weak spirit and the cleaning of the chitinized in-grown 1nus cuticle give rise to the false appearance of a limb axis carrying the lamellae.

It was at Athens that he seriously began to think of religion, and resolved to seek out the most famous hermit saints in Syria and Arabia, in order to learn from them how to attain to that enthusiastic piety in which he delighted, and how to keep his body under by maceration and other ascetic devices.

In Australia, Demerara, Cuba, Java and Peru double crushing and maceration (first used on a commercial scale in Demerara by the late Hon.