Sentence Examples with the word mace

La partie occidentale de Madagascar (Paris, 1845); Mace Descartes, Histoire et geographie de Madagascar (Paris, 1846); Ellis, Three Visits to Madagascar (London, 1859); J.

The principal exports from all the regencies alike are black and white pepper, bamboo (rotan), gums, caoutchouc, copra, nutmegs, mace and gambir.

Elsewhere we see the victorious prince beating down a vanquished enemy, and superintending the execution of other prisoners who are being sacrificed to the gods, while in one curious scene he is striking with his mace a sort of wicker-work cage filled with naked men.

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This phenomenon was minutely studied by Boyle, who found that solutions in some essential oils (oil of cloves) showed the same character, whilst in others (oils of mace and aniseed) there was no phosphorescence.

Then, if a current is sent from the spring to the roller through the paper, a brown mark will be mace by the spring due to the liberation of iodine.

Threats of worse things came subsequently to Lenthall's ears, and, taking the mace with him, he left London on the 29th to join the army and Fairfax.

First, when used as a fin for progression; Second, when used as a mace in battle; Third, in sweeping; Fourth, in lobtailing; Fifth, in peaking flukes.

Nergal was pictured as a lion and on boundary-stone monuments his symbol is a mace surmounted by the head of a lion.

The stone mace head was a sharp-edged disk (3), in the prehistoric from 3140 sequence date; of the pear shape (4) from S.D.

Lenthall's coach was stopped as he was entering Palace Yard, the mace was seized and he was obliged to return.