Sentence Examples with the word macabre

Together they had hurried to Janet O'Brien's trailer in hopes of catching Donnie before he wandered unexpectedly into the macabre turmoil his mother had caused in her violent exit from life.

I told Ethel Reagan why I wanted to keep the news quiet; it might make a perpetrator feel safe to do his macabre mischief.

Dean had no desire to know the macabre contents.

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The life of society, now alarmingly unstable and ruthlessly cfuel, was symbolized by the dance macabre painted on the walls of the cemeteries; the sombre and tragic art of the I5th century, having lost the fine balance life shown by that of the I3th, gave expression in its mournful realism to the general state of exhaustion.

The French Revolution was a particularly macabre affair where the degree and cruelty of the retribution reached heights (or would it be lows?) seldom seen in Europe since the fall of Rome.