Sentence Examples with the word música

These are published in the second volume of Gerbert's Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra.

The Musica Enchiriadis, published with other writings of minor importance in Gerbert's Scriptores de Musica, and containing a complete system of musical science as well as instructions regarding notation, has now been proved to have originated about half a century later than the death of the monk Hucbald, and to have been the work of an unknown writer belonging to the close of the 10th century and possibly also bearing the name of Hucbald.

Martini's most important works are his Storia della musica (Bologna, 1757-1781) and his Saggio di contrapunto (Bologna, 1 7741 775).

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In 1774 he published two volumes De cantu et musica sacra; in 1 777, Monumenta veteris liturgiae Alemannicae; and in 1784, in three volumes, Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra, a collection of the principal writers on church music from the 3rd century till the invention of printing.

The Rhetoric has been edited by Sudhaus (1892-1895); the De Ira and the De Pietate by Gomperz (1864 to 1865); the De Musica by Kempke (1884); De Vitiis by Ussing (1868); De Morte by Mekler (1886).

Miekley, De Boethii libri de musica priori fontibus (Jena, 1899).