Sentence Examples with the word mécanique

Among his other works may be mentioned: Mecanique de l'echange (1861); Illusion des societes cooperatives (1886); Le Bimetallisme en Angleterre (1879); Le Grand Proces de l'Union latine (1884).

Of another work of Poincare, Legons de mecanique celeste, the first volume appeared in 1905.

The revision of the Mecanique analytique was undertaken mainly for the purpose of embodying in it these new methods and final results, but was interrupted, when two-thirds completed, by the death of its author.

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Again he held that chemical phenomena are not governed by any peculiar laws special to themselves, but are explicable in terms of the general laws of mechanics that are in operation throughout the universe; and this view he developed, with the aid of thousands of experiments, in his Mecanique chimique (1878) and his Thermochimie (1897).

The first volume of the enlarged edition of the Mecanique appeared in 1811, the second, of which the revision was completed by MM Prony and Binet, in 1815.

Laplace in the Mecanique celeste was its larger aim, for the accomplishment of which forty years of unremitting industry barely sufficed.

As a monument of mathematical genius applied to the celestial revolutions, the Mecanique celeste ranks second only to the Principia of Newton.

Poincare, Les Methodes nouvelles de la mecanique celeste (3 vols., Paris, 1899, 1892, 1893).

Wilson, Elements of Thermal Chemistry (London, 1885); P. Duhem, Traite de Mecanique Chimique (Paris, 18 97-99); J.

The Mecanique celeste is, even to those most conversant with analytical methods, by no means easy reading.