Sentence Examples with the word más

The department is intersected by torrents belonging to the Garonne basin - the Salat, the Arize, which, near Mas d'Azil, flows through a subterranean gallery, the Ariege and the Hers.

Comte de Mas Latrie published between 1852 and 1861 one volume of History (1191-1291), and two of most precious documents in illustration of the reigns of the Lusignan kings.

Lat.; and Mas Latrie, Afrique septentrionale.

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De Zamacois, Historia de Mexico desde sus tiempos mas remotos hasta nostras dias, 19 vols.

SURABAYA (Dutch Soerabaja), a seaport of Java, in the eastern division of the island, on the narrow Surabaya strait, which separates the island of Madura from Java, and at the mouth of the Kali Mas River.

De Mas Latrie, Histoire de l'ile de Chypre (Paris, 1852-1861); and Horatio Brown's essay in his Studies in Venetian History (London, 1907), which gives the best sketch of the queen's career and a list of authorities.

They are surpassed in interest by the church of St Quitterie in Mas d'Aire, the suburb south-west of the town.

Nevil Mas kelyne, who succeeded him in 1764, set on foot, in 1767, the publication of the Nautical Almanac, and about the same time had an achromatic telescope fitted to the Greenwich M aske mural quadrant.

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As assistant (1883) and successor (1885) to Louis de Mas Latrie, Giry restored the study of diplomatic, which had been founded in France by Dom Jean 1Vlabillon, to its legitimate importance.