Sentence Examples with the word m

In the trial M c Leod proved an alibi, was acquitted (October 1841), and a serious international complication was thus averted.

In the above discussion it has been supposed that the ruling is accurate, and we have seen that by increase of m a high resolving power is attainable with a moderate number of lines.

Draw any straight line at right angles to CA and DB (produced if necessary), meeting them in M and N.

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Stannic Fluoride, SnF 4, is obtained in solution by dissolving hydrated stannic oxide in hydrofluoric acid; it forms a characteristic series of salts, the stannofluorides, M 2 SnF 6, isomorphous with the silico-, titano-, germanoand zirconofluorides.

The Latin never yields ie in Catalan as it does in French and occasionally in Provenal; s e d e t becomes seu (where u represents the final d), p e d e m makes peu, and e go eu; in some words where the tonic is followed by a syllable in which an i occurs, it may become I (ir, he r i; mig, me di us; m-,is, m eli us); and the same holds good for in a similar situation (ciri, c r i u s, c e r e u s; fire, f e r i a), and for e in a close syllable before a nasal (eximpli, e x e to p 1 u m; mintr for mentir, gint for gent).

The sleeve of the pinion which carries M also carries the dial finger, and if the dial is properly graduated its finger will indicate the weight.

In diameter, attached to a stretched fibre and having a M t ru e small magnetic needle fixed to its back, is arranged within a menu.

The governor expressed his views to the prime minister that the Natal government ought to give the British government every support, and Colonel Hime replied that their support would be given, but at the same time he feared the consequences to Natal if, after all, the British govern m ent should draw back.

I enquired therefore how, in these series, the rest of the terms may be derived from the first two being given; and I found that by putting m for the second figure or term, the rest should be produced by the continued multiplication of the terms of this seriesI X m 2 I X m - 2 This rule I therefore applied to the series to be interpolated.

In addition to the Historia there exists, in the library at Rouen, a manuscript edition of William of Jumieges' Historia Normannorum which Leopold Delisle assigns to Orderic (see this critic's Lettre a M Jules Lair (1873).