Sentence Examples with the word lyra

Works published in Keble's lifetime: Christian Year (1827); Psalter (1839); Praelectiones Academicae (1844); Lyra Innocentium (1846); Sermons Academical (1848); Argument against Repeal of Marriage Law, and Sequel (1857); Eucharistical Adoration (1857); Life of Bishop Wilson (1863); Sermons Occasional and Parochial (1867).

He took part in revising the Dutch translation of the Old Testament in 1633, and after his death a book by him, called the Lyra Davidis, was published, which sought to explain the principles of Hebrew metre, and which created some controversy at the time, having been opposed by Louis Cappel.

Keble also published A Metrical Version of the Psalter (1839), Lyra Innocentium (1846), and a volume of poems was published posthumously.

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It was during the course of this tour that he wrote most of the short poems which a year later were printed in the Lyra Apostolica.

A counterattempt over against Joachim to interpret Revelation in the light of history was made by Nicolas of Lyra (1329, in his Postilla), following (?) therein the lead of Petrus Aureolus (1317).

Among the authentic works of Nicolaus of Lyra are: (1) two commentaries on the whole Bible, one (Postilla litteralis, 1322-1331) following the literal sense, the other (Postilla mystica seu moralis, 1339) following the mystic sense.

His father, Karl Johann Philipp (1801-1859), well known as a hymn-writer (see Lyra domestics, 1st series, London, 1860; 2nd series, 5864).

Ring nebula in Lyra composed of this material, we could not see it.

Nicholaus de Lyra (commenting on the passage in Luke) says that Mammon est nomen daemonis.

But in 1846 he published the Lyra Innocentium; and in 1863 he completed a life of Bishop Wilson.