Sentence Examples with the word lydian

Under the later Mermnad kings the Lydian empire was penetrated with Greek influence, and Xanthus, the early Lydian historian, wrote his history in Greek.

The Greek cities were conquered, and the coast of Ionia included within the Lydian kingdom.

After 585 the country was ruled again by its own princes under subjection to Lydian supremacy.

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The prostitution whereby the Lydian girls gained their dowries (Herod.

The pyramids of Egypt, the mausolea of the Lydian kings, the circular, chambered sepulchres of Mycenae, and the Etruscan tombs at Caere and Vold, are lineally descended from the chambered barrows of prehistoric times, modified in construction according to the advancement of architectural art at the period of their erection.

His father's home was on Mt Sipylus in Asia Minor, whence Pelops is spoken of as a Lydian or a Phrygian.

The necropolis of the old Lydian city, a vast series of mounds, some of enormous size, lies on the north side of the Hermus, 4 or 5 m.

Complete success, till some time between 6ro and 590 Phrygia then fell under the Lydian power, and by the treaty of 585 the Halys was definitely fixed as the boundary between Lydia and Media (see Lydia and Persia).

When the Mermnad kings raised the Lydian power and aggressiveness Smyrna was one of the first points of attack.

These have not, however, given the key to the Lydian language, nor do they support the theory that Etruscan was derived from Lydian.