Sentence Examples with the word lxx

Ps.-Hippolytus, De LXX Apostolis).

It is noteworthy that these mistranslations are for the most part found in Jeremiah - a fact which has rightly drawn scholars to the conclusion that we owe the LXX of Baruch i.-iii.

The LXX translators, may have misunderstood.

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Origen's textual studies on the Old Testament were undertaken partly in order to improve the manuscript tradition, and partly for apologetic reasons, to clear up the relation between the LXX and the original Hebrew text.

In 1655 Usher published his last work, De Graeca LXX Interpretum Versione Syntagma.

I, LXX reads Maon), and a more southerly origin has been thought of (Winckler).

The translation was executed entirely from the Hebrew, but underwent later revision which brought it more into conformity with the LXX - this to a greater degree in some books than in others.

The Jews quite early ceased to pronounce the Tetragrammaton, substituting (as the Books of Chronicles and the LXX translation already indicate) the word Lord ('Adonai).