Sentence Examples with the word luxuriantly

Indian corn grows luxuriantly everywhere, but it does not mature well in the humid regions of the Amazon region and the coast.

It was seen in the 10th century, by the Arab traveller Ibn-Haukal, in the neighbourhood of Palermo, where it throve luxuriantly in the pools of the Papireto, a stream to which it lent its name.

It v e mires very little moisture, grows luxuriantly on the thin calcareous soil of Yucatan and is cultivated almost exclusively by the large landowners.

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Hair and some other like structures grow luxuriantly on a part to which there is an excessive flux of blood.

Where there is complete freedom from stagnant water in the ground, and abundant room for the spread of its branches to light and air, the larch will flourish in a great variety of soils, stiff clays, wet or mossy peat, and moist alluvium being the chief exceptions; in its native localities it seems partial to the debris of primitive and metamorphic rocks, but is occasionally found growing luxuriantly on calcareous subsoils; in Switzerland it attains the largest size, and forms the best timber, on the northern declivities of the mountains; but in Scotland a southern aspect appears most favourable.

Corals would now grow luxuriantly in these shallow coastal waters of increasing temperature, forming reefs and extensive coral flats.

This species prefers a peaty soil, and often grows luxuriantly in very moist situations.

The oak grows more rapidly and more luxuriantly than in Europe.

The European larch has long been introduced into the United States, where, in suitable localities, it flourishes as luxuriantly as in Britain.

This is especially the case where there is also shade to protect them from the midday sun, as in some of the narrow ravines in the eastern desert and in the palm groves of the oases, where various ferns and flowers grow luxuriantly round the springs.