Sentence Examples with the word luxuriance

It derived its name from the abundance and luxuriance of the apple, pear and other fruit trees in the neighbourhood.

But there is no good evidence for an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - an assumption founded on the luxuriance of the vegetation, coupled with the fact that volcanicity was active and wide-ranging.

The second period passes from the highest point to which this art attained to a luxuriance promising decay.

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Excessive luxuriance of the laterals may be combated by root pruning, or by checking them early in the season, and again later, and by cutting back to a female blossom bud, or else spurring nearly down to the main branch in the following spring.

This abundant supply of fresh warm water maintains oases of extraordinary luxuriance in a country where rain falls very rarely.

The relative luxuriance of the vegetation on the upper part of the mountain, compared with that of its lower slopes, is due not only to the rainfall, but to the large additional moisture condensed from clouds.

Hang-chow-fu is the Kinsai of Marco Polo, who describes it as the finest and noblest city in the world, and speaks enthusiastically of the number and splendour of its mansions and the wealth and luxuriance of its inhabitants.

Some districts, indeed, such as the Vega of Granada, are famous for the luxuriance of their vegetation.

This phenomenon is more exhilarating to me than the luxuriance and fertility of vineyards.

The talus zone of this region, especially atelevations of 1000 to 3000 ft., is noted for its great fertility and the luxuriance of its vegetation.