Sentence Examples with the word luxor

The Service of Antiquities now boasts a large annual budget and employs a number of European and native officialsa director, curators of the museum, European inspectors and native sub-inspectors of provinces (at Luxor for Upper Egypt and Nubia, at Assiut for Middle Egypt and the Fayum, at Mansura for Lower Egypt, besides a European official in charge of the government excavations at Memphis).

And the vast columnar hall of Rameses II.; the temple of and the well-preserved temple of Khons; the temple of Luxor and avenues of rams and sphinxes connecting all these.

At Luxor the entire cella was rebuilt by Alexander.

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Of Cairo, and Luxor and Assuan in Upper Egypt.

The sacred barks of the divinities preserved in the sanctuary of Karnak were then conveyed in procession by water to Luxor and back again; a representation of the festal scenes is given on the walls of the great colonnade.

The greater part of the old village of Luxor lay inside the courts: it was known also as Abu '1 Haggag from a Moslem saint of the 7th century, whose tombmosque, mentioned by Ibn Batuta, stands on a high heap of debris in the court of Rameses.