Sentence Examples with the word lux

In his Lux in tenebris he published the visions of Kotterus, Dabricius and Christina Poniatovia.

In these lectures he developed the doctrine, the enunciation of which in Lux Mundi had caused so much heart-searching.

Lyttelton, Lux Mundi, pp. 201 ff.

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Illingworth and other contributors to Lux Mundi Woo).

Bishop Lyttelton in Lux Mundi 8 stated that the death of Christ is propitiatory 1 Stevens, Christian Doctrine of Salvation, p. 138.

Next year (1672), having now, as he believed, established himself with the Royal Society, he proceeded to complete the discomfiture of Wallis by a public address to the Society on all the points at issue between them from the beginning, Lux Mathematica excussa collisionibus Johannis Wallisii et Thomae Hobbesii (L.W.

The publication in 1889 of Lux Mundi, a series of essays attempting to harmonize Anglican Catholic doctrine with modern thought, was a severe blow to him, for it showed that even at the Pusey House, established as the citadel of Puseyism at Oxford, the principles of Pusey were being departed from.

Besides the works already noticed, Glanvill wrote Lux orientalis (1662); Philosophia pia (1671); Essays on Several Important Subjects in Philosophy and Religion (1676); An Essay concerning Preaching; and Sermons.