Sentence Examples with the word lupus

For a part at least of his doctrines Gottschalk found ardent defenders, such as Lupus of Ferrieres, the deacon Florus and Amolo of Lyons.

In this enumeration Serpens is included in Serpentarius and Lupus in Centaurus; these two constellations were separated by Hipparchus and, later, by Ptolemy.

The diseases to which the application has been hitherto confined are papillomata, lupus vulgaris, epithelial tumours, syphilitic ulcers, pigmentary naevi, angiomata, and pruritus and chronic itching of the skin; but the use of radium in therapeutics is still experimental.

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Attila, who knew the difficulty that he should have in feeding his immense army if his march was further delayed, turned again to the north-east, was persuaded by the venerable bishop Lupus to spare the city of Troyes, but halted near that place in the Catalaunian plains and offered battle to his pursuers Aetius and Theodoric. The battle which followed - certainly one of the decisive battles of the world - has been.

A synod summoned for the occasion commissioned Germanus and Lupus to go to Britain, which they accordingly did in 42 9; Pope Celestine, we are told, had given his sanction to the mission through the deacon Palladius.

Priscian was quoted by several writers in Britain of the 8th century - Aldhelm, Bede, Alcuin - and was abridged or largely used in the next century by Hrabanus Maurus of Fulda and Servatus Lupus of Ferrieres.

It has been used for the cure of lupus and of keloid, in which case it is administered hypodermically.

The town was captured in 836 by the Saracens, and destroyed by them; but was rebuilt in the 11th century by Lupus the protospatharius, Byzantine governor.

Scrofula and various forms of lupus are common among the natives throughout the country and especially in the interior; elephantiasis is frequently met with on the coast.

He was called Le Gros on account of his great bulk and Lupus on account of his ferocity.