Sentence Examples with the word lunge

She made a lunge and grabbed the broom, wielding the handle like a club.

GEORG LUNGE (1839-), German chemist, was born at Breslau on the 15th of September 1839.

The temperature of the condenser is so regulated as to bring about the condensation of the nitric acid only, which runs out at the bottom of the pipe, whilst any uncondensed steam, nitrogen peroxide and other impurities pass into a Lunge tower, where they meet a descending stream of water and are condensed, giving rise to an impure acid.

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In 1906 Lunge (in a paper published with Bert) to some extent modified his views, by introducing an intermediate compound, sulphonitronic acid, SO 5 NH 2, which had been noticed by various chemists for some time through its property of imparting a deep blue colour to sulphuric acid.

Furious at the loss, the fox made a snarling lunge at Carmen.