Sentence Examples with the word lung

In phthisis also, although there may be some expectoration to bring up, yet a good deal of the irritation is in the lung substance, and the efforts of coughing are far greater and more continuous than are required for the removal of expectoration, and they simply exhaust the patient.

Though the climate of the plains is one of extremes and often of rather sudden changes, it is brisk and invigorating and of particular value for persons affected with lung troubles.

CAMPULUNG (also written Campu Lung and Kimpulung), the capital of the department of Muscel, Rumania, and the seat of a suffragan bishop; situated among the outlying hills of the Carpathian Mountains, at the head of a long well-wooded glen traversed by the river Tirgului, a tributary of the Argesh.

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There is much malaria in the wooded districts of the east and on the higher campos, where the daily extremes of temperature are great, lung and bronchial diseases are common.

The elongated axis which opens at the stigma in Scorpio and which can be cleared of soft, surrounding tissues and co agulated blood so as to present the appearance of a limb axis carrying the book-like leaves of the lung is not really, as it would seem to be at first sight, the limb axis.

The government maintains experimental farms and forestry plantations and a veterinary department to cope with lung sickness, rinderpest, East Coast fever and such like diseases.

This lipoemic condition may cause embolism, the plugging especially occurring in the lung capillaries.

The flex nitive animal gods are not to be confused with the animal not ns ascribed to many cosmic deities; thus when the sun-god Osii was pictured as a scarabaeus, or dung-beetle, rolling its ball Isis lung behind it, this was certainly mere poetical imagery.

There was also a useful collection of texts by Prof. Charteris of Edinburgh, Canonicity (1880), based on Kirchhofer, Quellensamm- lung (1844), but with improvements.

The other lung was infected and they had switched to yet another antibiotic.