Sentence Examples with the word lunch

The predators were silent, watching their lunch parade by them.

No. We were finished with lunch and having a discussion about the pond.

A quick glance at her watch confirmed it was lunch time.

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In one sense, it's a peaceful world: The bully insists on the lunch money of the small kid, who has no recourse but to capitulate.

The Deans packed a quick lunch and drove out of town to the ranch house.

Dean returned to Bird Song and brought Cynthia up to date on his conversation with Sheriff Weller over a quiet lunch of soup and grilled cheese.

After smearing peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread for a lunch on the fly, Dean knocked on Martha's door.

After lunch he disappeared for a while and when he finally returned, he signed that they were all going to take a ride in the buggy.

Over lunch he shared his thoughts.

Refreshed and clean, she made herself a sandwich of lunch meat and scratched her way through half of a novel before she gave up and went to the bathroom to search for some kind of ointment.