Sentence Examples with the word lunar year

The Restoration Of The Equinox To Its Former Place In The Year And The Correction Of The Intercalary Period, Were Attended With No Difficulty; But Lilius Had Also To Adapt The Lunar Year To The New Rule Of Intercalation.

The lunations are supposed to consist of twenty-nine and thirty days alternately, or the lunar year of 354 days; and in order to make up nineteen solar years, six embolismic or intercalary months, of thirty days each, are introduced in the course of the cycle, and one of twenty-nine days is added at the end.

In Order To Put An End To The Disorders Arising From The Negligence Or Ignorance Of The Pontiffs, Caesar Abolished The Use Of The Lunar Year And The Intercalary Month, And Regulated The Civil Year Entirely By The Sun.