Sentence Examples with the word luna

In the Augustan division of Italy Luca was assigned to the 7th region (Etruria); it is little mentioned in the imperial period except as a meeting-point of roads - to Florentia (see Clodia, Via), Luna and Pisae.

Cardinal Peter de Luna took him with him to Paris in 1391; and on his own election to the pontificate as antipope Benedict XIII.

Aemilius Scaurus from Vada Volaterrana and Luna to Vada Sabatia and thence over the Apennines to Dertona (Tortona), where it joined the Via Postumia from Genua to Cremona.

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Early names for it are Lac argenti and Luna cornea, the first referring to its form when freshly precipitated, the latter to its appearance after fusion.

The Chronicle of Alvaro de Luna (Madrid, 1784), written by some loyal follower who survived him, is a panegyric and largely a romance.

Beginning from the group called the Alpi della Luna near the sources of the Tiber, which attain 4435 ft., they are continued by the Monte Nerone (5010 ft.), Monte Catria (5590), and Monte Maggio to the Monte Pennino near Nocera (5169 ft.), and thence to the Monte della Sibilla, at the source of the Nar or Nera, which attains 7663 ft.

Hansen, Fundamenta nova investigationis orbitae verae quam luna perlustrat (Gotha, 1838); Darlegung der theoretischen Berechnung der in den Mondtafeln angewandten Storungen (Leipzig, 1862); C. Delaunay, Theorie du mouvement de la lune (2 vols., Paris, 1860-1867); F.

Died suddenly on the 16th of September 1394, and the Avignon cardinals immediately elected the Spaniard Pedro de Luna as anti-pope (under the title of Benedict XIII.), Boniface IX.

The part which Alvaro de Luna played has been diversely judged.

Don Jose Quintana has summarized the two chronicles in his life of Luna in the Vidas de Espanoles celebres; Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles (Madrid, 1846-1880), vol.