Sentence Examples with the word luminosity

The more recent researches of Molisch have shown that the luminosity of ordinary butcher's meat under appropriate conditions is quite a common occurrence.

The cause of this luminosity is Micrococcus phosphorens, an immotile round, or almost round organism.

Unfortunately considerations of luminosity compel the observer often to widen the slit much beyond the range within which the theoretical value of resolving power holds in practice.

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For The Simpler Gases, Which Are Highly Diathermanous And Radiate Badly Even At High Temperature, The Energy Of Vibration Is Probably Very Small, Except Under The Special Conditions Which Produce Luminosity In Flames And Electric Discharges.

If we widen the slit still further rapid loss of purity results, with very little gain in light, the maximum luminosity obtainable with an indefinitely wide slit being four times that obtained with the normal one.

It may be that these fainter components are still in the stage when the temperature is rising, and the luminosity is as yet comparatively small; but it is not impossible that the massive stars (owing to their greater gravitation) pass through the earlier stages of evolution more rapidly than the smaller stars.

The striking discovery was, in 1903, made by the same investigators that the spontaneous luminosity of radium gives a spectrum of a kind never before obtained without the aid of powerful excitation, electrical or thermal.

This organism is quite distinct from that causing the luminosity of marine fish.

When there is appreciable absorption as in the case of the vapours of chlorine, bromine, iodine, sulphur, selenium and arsenic, luminosity begins at a red heat.

Thus we see that the effect of limiting the magnitude to 3.5 is that the hydrogen stars are now practically all within the sphere SP, and it is only the helium stars, whose absolute luminosity is still greater, that are more widely distributed.