Sentence Examples with the word luke

Our Matthew and our Luke are just combinations, differently constructed, of these two documents, with a certain amount of additional matter which the editors had collected for themselves.

Trachonitis (mentioned in Luke iii.

I see no reason not to mention my suspicion about John Luke Grasso and his connection to Willard.

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Seems to show that in using his document Luke here mingled with the prophecy the interpretation which events had suggested and that the siege of Jerusalem in A.D.

With regard to the testimony of Acts, the only question, since Harnack admits the Lucan authorship,' is whether Luke is describing the organization of the Church as it existed at the time of the events recorded or reflecting the arrangements which prevailed at the time when the book was written.

Luther (who suggests Apollos) and Calvin (who thinks of Luke or Clement) followed with the decisive argument that Paul, who lays such stress on the fact that his gospel was not taught him by man (Gal.

While it would take time for precise confirmation, we all knew the burned out vehicle contained the bodies of Howie Abbott and John Luke Grasso.

LYSANIAS, tetrarch of Abilene (see Abila), according to Luke iii.

If also the passage in Ambrose of Milan (on Luke i.

These, it is said, point to the author's having been a physician, as Luke (Col.