Sentence Examples with the word ludicrously

And the actual criteria of conduct derived from biological considerations are almost ludicrously inadequate.

The work of lecturing was an intense strain to him, but its influence was immense: to attend one of Westcott's lectures - even to watch him lecturing - was an experience which lifted and solemnized many a man to whom the references to Origen or Rupert of Deutz were almost ludicrously unintelligible.

Pp. 302-327) some of the fallacies of Macleay's method, and in return provoked from him'a reply, in the form of a letter addressed to Vigors On the Dying Struggle of the Dichotomous System, couched in language the force of which no one even at the present day can deny, though to the modern naturalist its invective power contrasts ludicrously with the strength of its ratiocination.

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I recall thinking ludicrously that I was staining Howie's beloved hardwood floors with my blood and puke.

But both failed - Lamartine almost ludicrously - while Thiers in hard conditions made a striking if not a brilliant success.

As an explanation of what has taken place in later years, or of the actual economic life of the present day, it is ludicrously inadequate.